Legal Aid Support Program


All citizens of the country are equal in the eyes of the law. Everyone deserves justice. This facility has been given to every citizen in Article 27 of the Constitution of Bangladesh. But the poor candidates of our country often cannot handle the case due to lack of money. In this, they are deprived of their rights. In 2000, the Government of Bangladesh, in collaboration with the Canadian International Development Agency, passed the Legal Aid Act 2000 for poor candidates. Most people across the country are not yet fully aware of this and are unable to get free legal aid.

Those who receive free legal aid-

  1. Non-functioning, partially functional, unemployed or unable to earn more than Tk. 6,000 per annum
  2. Adult: A person who is getting allowance
  3. Distressed woman with VGD card
  4. Trafficked women or children
  5. Acid-burned women or children
  6. Any person allotted a house or land in an ideal village
  7. Indigent widows and abandoned poor women
  8. Individuals unable to earn due to physical or mental problems and helpless
  • Individuals unable to establish rights in court due to financial difficulties
  • A person detained without trial who is financially incapable of taking appropriate action in self-defense
  • Anyone considered financially helpless or poor by the court
  • Any person considered financially helpless or poor by the prison authorities
  • A person who is financially indigent, helpless, a victim of various socio- economic and natural disasters who is unable to handle a case to establish his rights due to financial indigestion.

JSUS Legal Aid Activities:

Jugantar Samaj Unnayan Sangstha (JSUS) has been working since its inception to establish the rights of people with disabilities, especially women and children.

Women and children are much more abused in society than men. Over time, women and children are being abused more and more and the levels are increasing day by day.

In such a situation, JSUS is implementing its funding program to ensure the legal rights of women and children with disabilities. This service is being provided to the persons seeking legal aid among the beneficiaries of JSUS through liaison and cooperation with various organizations providing legal aid.

As a result of receiving this service, now all the people including women and children with disabilities are getting legal help very easily.

In the future, JSUS will continue to provide legal assistance to marginalized people, especially people with disabilities, by hiring its own lawyers.


Domestic violence is a huge problem in our society. The level of abuse of wives by husbands is no less. Because of this, women are always being tortured. The real solution is to prevent child marriage and to bring women victims of domestic violence under regular arbitration. If necessary, proper legal assistance is

provided by referring the law enforcement agencies BLAST, Department of Women’s Affairs, BNWOLA.