Project Description

Project Name :

Promotion of Human Rights of Persons with Disability in Bangladesh (PHRPBD)

Working Area:

Ward No.33 & 34 under Chattogram City Corporation, Chattogram. 

Supported by : CBM Australia & CDD

Implemented by : Jugantar samaj unnayan sangstha(JSUS).

Project Duration: July-2028 to June-2021


Budget : Tk.92,16,000/- (Approx.)

Beneficiary Related information :


Project Objective:

Improving the social and econimic status of persons with disabilities in Bangladesh, especially women and children with Disabilities.


Improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities through the effective use of local resources where inclusion of all is ensured.  An Australian Aid project funded by the Australian Government in collaboration with CBM Australia and run by the Center for Disability in Development (CDD). Jugantar Samaj Unnayan Sangstha (JSUS) is implementing various programs of the project as a partner organization.   

Activities implemented under the project:

  • Regular meetings of the Apex Body
  • Monitoring and implementing strategic plan of Apex Body and implement demand based activities
  • Discuss with learning team members of various trainings
  • Make monthly plans for self-organization
  • Make monthly plans for self-organization
  • VSLA Meeting
  • Implement other demand based activities of self-organization
  • Referral Services and Regular Follow-Up (People with Mental Disabilities and people who got assistive devices)
  • Conduct awareness yard meetings with people of the society (above 35 years of age) on various issues. The topics are-
  • Disability and rights of persons with disabilities
  • We have to deal with mental health and mentally ill people
  • Types of violence against women and what to do to prevent violence against women
  • Types of child abuse and what to do to prevent child abuse
  • Disaster management
  • Conducting awareness raising yard meetings / meetings with the youth (age 18-35 years)
  • Disability and rights of persons with disabilities
  • Types of violence against women and what to do to prevent violence against women
  • Leadership development
  • Types of child abuse and what to do to prevent child abuse
  • Disaster management
  • Conducting awareness sessions with school children on the types of child abuse and what to do to prevent child abuse.
  • Advocacy and ensuring justice for persons with disabilities with other stakeholders, including legal aid providers at various levels.
  • Advocacy and inclusion of persons with disabilities in other committees including LGSP-2 such as Hat Bazar Committee, various committees of development agencies, school committees, UDCC, community clinics etc.
  • Increase the capacity of the Child Protection Watch Group at the field level
  • Taking various steps to develop the leadership and enhance the skills of the women members of the self-organization.
  • Organizing meetings with high schools, local government and various religious groups to create awareness about mental health.
  • Preparation of disability friendly integrated action plan in 2 Union Parishads / Wards / Municipalities and reviewing progress on annual basis
  • Meetings and orientations with other stakeholders, including legal aid organizations for child protection, abuse of women and access to justice
  • Advocacy with community clinics to create community clinics for people with disabilities
  • Organizing camps for the mentally ill at the field level
  • Regular monitoring of mental health activities.
  • Supply of medicines for the mentally ill
  • Advocacy and inclusion of persons with disabilities in the programs of various non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • Including in disability allowance
  • Arrange loans FROM Govt.
  • Inclusion in various types of training other than CDD training
  • Including in education stipend
  • Awareness meeting for high school students about menstrual hygiene
  • Participate in regular meetings of self-organization and apex body to follow up their activities
  • Project Contact Person Participation and Follow Up on Self-Organized and Apex Body Meetings
  • Child protection risk assessment and planning.

Establishment of self-help organizations and conducting regular activities:

 Since the inception of the PHRPBD project, action plans have been drawn up for persons with disabilities. Part of his ongoing activities is to create his own organization for people with disabilities. This self-help organization consists of ten to fifteen people with disabilities. According to the organization’s policy, 80% of men and 40% of women with mixed disabilities participate in the organization. However, in the case of women’s groups, all members of the organization are women with disabilities. Under the project, Chittagong City Corporation has a total of 9 self-help organizations in Firingibazar 33 and Patharghata Ward 34, out of which 1 organization is for women only.

Apex Body Meeting:

The Apexbody is formed to guide the self-help organizations or teams formed in the project for proper management and to create leadership among them. Apexbody was originally formed with 2 representatives from 09 self-help organizations and only 2 women members from the women’s team. Where there are eleven female and nine male members. The function of this Apexbody is to work actively for the implementation of the rights of persons with disabilities in coordination with various levels of government officials and employees. In addition, to take advantage of free training from all government and non-government organizations that implement social activities locally and nationally. In this context, people with disabilities will be able to change their destiny through skill development. As a result, people with disabilities can enjoy their acceptance and freedom of expression in the family, society and the state. As a result, Apexbody is playing a leading role in improving their quality of life and establishing an integrated society.

Primary Rehabilitation and Referral Services:

Under the project, the issue of providing services to the disabled people at home has been given utmost importance. People with physical disabilities are selected through a survey in the light of the initial ideas of the members of the project Apexbody. The CDRP of the project then included them in the initial rehabilitation service in light of their assessment. In the light of the assessment, CPs are listed for providing services to children and other physically challenged persons. Initial rehabilitation services (PRTs) for persons with disabilities are then provided through continuous and long-term planning. The process provides free primary physiotherapy services to people with disabilities in the light of a weekly monthly and quarterly plan, and the family of the person receiving the service is also taught all the techniques to improve the condition through regular family therapy.

Establishment of youth disability organizations

Self-organization and Apex Body members form a team of young people with disabilities through out-of-work surveys to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and realize their just rights. The party is currently based in Hajipara area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNorth Agrabad No. 24. The task of the party is to conduct active advocacy activities in government and non-government organizations for the realization of the rights of persons with disabilities. At the same time compile a list of persons with disabilities in their own wards and include them in the government social security network on a priority basis from that list. At the same time, in the light of the demand, people with disabilities can make visible changes in their quality of life by enrolling in various IGA trainings.

Provide Referral Services:

They feel that referral services for people with disabilities have benefited a lot from the PHRPBD project. Previously people with disabilities did not have access to such services and they did not know about this method. They became aware of the services as a result of the implementation of various activities of the project. Since then, people with disabilities have discussed their problems in the light of regular meetings of the group and they have brought people with disabilities selected on a priority basis under referral services.

Mental illness diagnosis camps and free medicine distribution

In the light of the PHRPBD project’s field survey, there are many people with mental disabilities who do not even understand themselves. Under the project, a mental illness diagnosis camp was set up in wards 33 and 34 of Chittagong City Corporation and a total of 53 mentally ill people were found there. Women and children are entitled to it. The very poor people selected from this camp are also given free 6 months of medicine under the project. They are also followed up regularly.


Advocacy programs are conducted to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities and to establish their rights. This advocacy program was organized especially in the light of the Protection of Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2013 in government institutions. The main function of advocacy is to inform the policy makers about the proper use of various laws by the government in the light of various gazettes and whether the services to be provided in the light of the law are being implemented properly and its proper implementation is possible. This will help the disadvantaged and neglected persons with disabilities to get fair rights.

Celebrating International Day of the Disabled and World White Cane Safety

International Disability Day and National Disability Day are celebrated under the project. At the same time, under the project, World Sadachari Security Day is observed with due dignity. In the light of the Rights and Protection of Persons with Disabilities Act 2013, the Government of Bangladesh jointly observes these days with the Department of Social Services. Rallies, discussion meetings, distribution of aids and cultural events are organized as part of the day celebrations. The main purpose of celebrating the day is to stand by people with disabilities and work together to realize their rights. It is not possible to build a cohesive society by excluding people with disabilities. Therefore, to work towards the goal of uniting people from all walks of life with disabilities.

Sports competitions for people with disabilities

Participatory sports competitions are organized as part of the entertainment for people with disabilities like all people in the society. Under the project, an action plan was laid down to organize sports competitions jointly with the common people of the society. People with disabilities can move in the same way with people from all walks of life. It is just an attempt to bring people with disabilities back to the mainstream and to eradicate the various prejudices and misconceptions of the people in the society and to bring people with disabilities on an equal footing. People with disabilities will participate in the sports competition along with people with disabilities. Notable among the sports that have been organized in the mentioned sports competitions are bone breaking, biscuit racing, music chair, long jump and ball throwing etc. People with disabilities participate in all the events and receive awards at various levels.

Assistance from the Project during COVID-19 Pandemic:

During the COVID-19 Pandemic Period, PHRPBD project has been providing various assistance among the targeted beneficiaries. About Tk.1,50,000/- cash has been distributed.  Lots of Mask, sanitizer and Food aid have also been provided among the targeted beneficiaries. Leaflets and posters have been distributed from the project to create awareness.