Out of School Children Program

Sub-component 2.5, PEDP-4” Implementation under BNFE.

Objectives of the program:

  • Giving a second chance for Out-of-School (drop-out and non-enrollment) 08 – 14 years old Children through non-formal primary education activities and bringing them into the mainstream of formal education.
  • To develop as a productive citizen by ensuring technical/quality training in the field of primary education.

Name of the Project :  Out of School Children Program (OoSC)

Project Duration: January.2021 to June.2023.

Type of Project: Education for dropout children age group between 08-14.

Working Area :

Barura Thana under Cummilla District & Goran, Rampura, Basabo under Dhaka City Corporation.

Donor: GOB & BRAC

Benificiaries : Children-2100, Total : 70 Learning Centers.