A brief Description of Jugantar Microfinance Program (JMFP)


Jugantar Micro-Finance Program (JMFP) is one of the core programs of JSUS. Since 15 April 1999, with objective to change the livelihoods of target beneficiaries through economic empowerment JSUS has been launched JMFP. JSUS microfinance follows group model. Five members develop a group and 6 group forms a center. Center meetings are held each week by credit officer (CO). At such meetings members can submit loan applications, make loan repayments and deposits savings. Target families are identified on the basis of sex, age and house hold income and then interested person are invited to group’s discussions regarding JSUS’s microfinance regulation. Now Micro Finance Program of JSUS is being run in Chittagong district through 05 branches. About 85 crore BDT has been disbursed as loan and about Tk. 78 crore BDT has been realized. The recovery rate is 99%. Midas financing Limited has come forward for supplying fund besides JSUS has been utilized its own fund when required.

Goal of Jugantar Micro finance Program (JMFP):

The goal of Jugantar Microfinance program is to empower poor women by creating, expanding, strengthening and upgrading their abilities and ensuring their direct involvement in income generating activities.

Objectives of Jugantar Microfinance Program (JMFP)

  • To empower the pro/ultra poor women through their direct involvement.
  • To alleviate or reduce poverty in Bangladesh.
  • To build leadership among poor women.
  • To create self-employment and scope of wage employment through formation & enhancement of enterprises.
  • To create a positive environment that encourages savings among members.
  • To reduce dependency on moneylenders
  • To increase empowerment and social status of women.
  • To enhance individual business competency of entrepreneurs.
  • To utilize the local resources at the optimum level
  • To ensure gender equity and equality everywhere.
  • To increase the income of poor women. 

The stages of JSUS Micro Finance Program are

Monitoring, Follow-up and Reporting at all stages :

  • Area Selection & Feasibility Study
  • Identification of target people
  • Staff orientation and training
  • Group formation
  • Loan product fixation
  • Savings mobilization
  • Fund arrangement/mobilization
  • Training on different trade / scheme
  • Loan disbursement
  • Loan realization
  • Year based evaluation
  • Impact study & introduction of new Product based on the demand of the beneficiaries

Target beneficiaries

  • Extreme Poor & Marginalized Population.
  • Especially woman & IGA Creation.
  • People who are outside of banking facilities.

Savings Program

JSUS was initiated through savings activities. Savings is always encouraged for accumulation of fund and to get rid of poverty. In fact, savings activities (accumulation of tiny amount from individual beneficiary) are being operated in JSUS in order to mitigate Group Members’ crisis situation and promote their livelihood through door-step service. To create and increase own fund into the IGA of the beneficiaries, it is not possible without the habit of savings. For this reason, JSUS used to adopt some steps to make the beneficiaries savings oriented. The members have passbook and they get 6% interest in time on their savings as per MRA Rules.

Objectives of  JSUS Savings Program

  • To minimize financial crisis & poverty elimination of group members.
  • To change beneficiary’s attitude and make them savings minded.
  • To ensure future protection of group members.
  • To ensure and increase participatory investment in the IGA.
  • To reduce dependency on lending.

Type of Savings Services

  • Compulsory  Savings
  • Voluntary Saving.

At a Glance of Total Micro finance Program Implementation (Up to May 2021)

ParticularsStatus Up to December. 2018
No. of Branches05
No. of Districts Covered01
No. of Upazilas/ Thana Covered13
No. of Unions/ Ward Covered37
No. of Villages/Para136
No. of Staff Involved(operation)22
No. of Group/Samity263
No. of Member4585
No. of Borrowers3645
No. of Borrower(Cumulative)35054
Cumulative Disbursement850008000
Loan Outstanding(Portfolio)70045600
Savings Balance30144501
Member Welfare Fund Balance6002610
Recovery rate99%

Assistance from the JMFP during COVID-19 Pandemic:

During the COVID-19 Pandemic Period, JMFP Program has been providing various assistance among the targeted beneficiaries. Lots of Mask, sanitizer have been distributed and Food aid have also been provided among the 250 targeted beneficiaries. Leaflets and posters have been distributed from the JMFP to create awareness.