Woman Rights Development & Empowerment Program

To ensure equal participation, increase dignity of women and include economic contribution of women’s time in society JSUS run integrated women rights development and empowerment program under Micro Finance intervention. JSUS has developed a good number women entrepreneur, successful business women and active professional women. To reach goal JSUS concentrates on arranging seminar, rally, drama shows, yard meeting, group discursion and small loan at each women group. As issues prefers on education, health, pregnancy complicacy, HIV/AIDS, environment, disaster management, sanitation and other social problems. An important attachment is domestic violence protection cell at grassroots level. Total 140 Village Organizations (VO) of women is active with support of JSUS and local elites. So, in a nutshell this program is run with some major strategies as developing local women organization, women development association, legal aid, domestic violence protection cell, micro finance and rehabilitation support. To cover 2365 beneficiaries in Chittagong & Cox’sbazar JSUS has BNWLA & BLAST as partner.