Date of establishment: November 27, 1997

Type of the organization: Non Government Organization (NGO)

Nature Of The Organization

Human, Socio Economic development & welfare of under privileged people of the community by crating conciseness & providing logistic supports as and when required.

JSUS Vision

People of Bangladesh enjoy all fundamental rights where society is free from corruption, injustice, and insecurity.

JSUS Mission

Works as driving force for transforming societies towards sustainable development by promoting, advocating and implementing programs that address root causes of problems.


The ultimate goal of JSUS is to assist the socially and economically disadvantaged rural and urban people to develop their greater organization through mobilizing their skill and local resources, so that they may take active part in sustainable human and socio-economic development for the improvement of their living standard.

JSUS Objectives

Ensure sustainable development through finding and solving problems those are challenging towards positive social change of disadvantaged people.

Organization Logo History

Jugantar Samaj Unnayan Sangstha (JSUS) has been promoting its theme since its inception. Wanted to sort out far-reaching work methods, action plans. At the policy-making level of the organization towards that desired goal. At the outset, individuals said, "We are committed to protecting education, health, and the environment, including the right to human development."

Efforts continue to be made to determine the logo of the song in keeping with the ongoing work of the organization puts. The grassroots aim to establish a positive society by keeping the equality of men and women in the thoughts of the organization. The empowerment of women at the grassroots level has been highlighted. She is light in the green nature in the context. The black people, who are running towards men and women, are gradually advancing on the path of development. That symbolizing the development of women and children by scattering the light of the distant sun on the earth covered with green plants in the process will be caught. The whole natural environment will be filled with green and yellow and the door of development will be opened and floated will give the new expected light. In that unequal world, the development of society has become the meditative knowledge of all classes of citizens. The company or JSUS in short will become a reflection of the dark blue good looks.


Core values:

  • First priority to country and country interest
  • True patriotism
  • Good governance through accountability and justice.
  • Gender sensitivity and interspersion respect
  • Promoting RBA for human development.
  • Innovate proper and perfect way
  • Ensure confidence, modesty, chain of command
  • Conserve Health, Education and environment
  • Peak priority to biodiversity.

Cultural Uniqueness:

  • Priority and peak honor to children women and PWDs.
  • Freedom of thinking and cooperation
  • Accountability & transparency, commitment
  • Chain of command, punctuality, and tolerance.
  • Non communal feeling
  • Cost management policy
  • Positive feedback and entertainmen


Having seen the Hardship and distressful picture of poor people, philanthropists- educationist Mr. Sayedul Arefin and co-founder, Executive Director Mrs. Yeasmin Parvin felt a significant need to establish an organization to fulfill the crying needs of the Underprivileged poor peoples in their locality. Association with some dedicated and promising social workers and their involvement the dream of them came into existence. They established the organization. Namely, Jugantar Samaj Unnayan Sangstha (JSUS) in the month of November 27, 1997. At the very beginning of the establishment, JSUS launched Education Program for disadvantaged working children for ensuring their basic rights of education, rights, and protection at Korbanigonj in old Chattogram. In 2003, JSUS started the partnership  with BRAC's Education Support Program (ESP), through the partnership JSUS started pre-primary and ECCD education activities in Patiya and Anowara and it was continued till 2016.

In this time, JSUS started working for the Persons Living with Disabilities (PLWDs) for ensuring their basic rights and support. In 2009, JSUS become a partnership with CDD and started a project namely Promotion of Human Rights of Persons with Disability in Bangladesh (PHRPBD). Till this project is continuing its three phases in long 12 years. And some more project has implemented through add the disability inclusion issue by this time.

In 2017, JSUS has started new partnership with BRACs second Chance Education Project supported by the Ministry of Primary Education in the Chattogram city corporation area. Under the project, JSUS smooth functioning the 95 centers for children's education, life skill development, protection, and their rights. Recently JSUS is starting second Chance Education Project for the Out of School Children with the joint partnership of Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) & the Ministry of Primary Education in  the Chattogram city corporation area for smooth functioning of 80 centers.

During the developmental journey, JSUS has become a partner with different Local, National, International, and Govt. organizations such as the BRAC Education Support Unit, National Disabled Development Foundation, CDD, Australian Aid, and CBM, etc. Besides partnership, JSUS has developed a strong network with different local,  national, and international levels networking organizations and organized different development and advocacy programs in collaborating with them. JSUS is operating two training centers in Chattogram. These training centers are providing hospitable training facilities. In upcoming years, JSUS hopes to establish a strong documentation & Communication unit through the establishment of an audio-visual media center. And will make some video documentaries on development issues, increase research activities, enhance staff capacity and expand program coverage.

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Special capacity and capability of the organization:

Staff Strength:

JSUS is divided into 7 working groups of committed, skilled & professional development staff with multi-background and experiences who are engaged in the following section;

  • Programme Planning & Development
  • Human Resource Development
  • Technical Group for Project Monitoring & Project Evaluation
  • Management Information System
  • General Administrative
  • Accounts & Financial Management
  • Expertise, Professional & Management Group

Financial Management Capabilities:

JSUS has been implementing different development project having financial support from different donors. Considering the financial management capabilities and financial transparency, the donors are showing continued interest to JSUS. JSUS is guided by its own constitution that has developed a standard financial manual and maintains effective accounts and financial procedure.

Training Management Capabilities:

JSUS’s training section works as a facilitating unit to build up capacity and capacity for the target beneficiaries, staff and local partner NGOs under the greater network as and when needed. The following activities are performed by JSUS’s training section for training capacity building for local community volunteers and group leaders