Enhancing Community Based Inclusive Development in Bangladesh (ECBID-B)

Working Area: Khankhanabad and Shadhonpur union under Banskhali Upazila, Chattogram. 

Supported by : CBM Australia & CDD

Implemented by : Jugantar samaj unnayan sangstha(JSUS).

Project Duration: January-2020 to December-2022. This project was initiated from November 2016

Overall objective:

People with disabilities and marginalized communities have improved health, education, skill, livelihood and influence in communities where CBR is applied as a strategy within community development.

Specific Objective:

Increased participation and inclusion of persons with disabilities and marginalized groups in socio-economic development opportunities and services of local government institutions, service providers, communities and families.

Result 1:

Increased capacity of community people including persons with disabilities to engage and influence government and other service providers to improve service delivery  through organized community (SHGs, CF) and sub district-level actions, service provider, communities and families.

Result 2:

Improved local governance capacity and / practices of Local Government Institutions and service providers in disability inclusion.

Result 3:

Improved quality, coverage and accessibility of local health and rehabilitation services.

Result 4:

Enhanced economic condition and disaster resilience of community including persons with disabilities and other marginalized groups through adaptation and diversification of livelihood and community based disability inclusive disaster risk reduction initiatives.

Result 5:

Increased technical capacity of CDD and local partners to support state and non state actors in promoting and scaling up of sustainable CBR programmes.

Result 6:

National  Government policy development practice reflects support to disability inclusion.   

Key stakeholders:

  • Self-help groups of persons with disabilities (SHG)
  • Citizen Forum(CFs)
  • Apex bodies
  • Local Government Institutions (Union Parishad, Upazila parishad, city corporation).
  • Community clinic(CC) and union health and family welfare centre(UHFWC).
  • District and upazila level Government offices (Health, education, social services, youth development, women and child affairs, agriculture, livestock,fisheries, CPP etc)
  • One stop service centre of JPUF
  • National institution of local Government (NILG)
  • Local Government Division (LGD)

Beneficiary Related information :

UnionMaleFemaleDisable personTotal

Significant activities of the project

  • Public Awareness street Drama Exhibition on Disability Issues
  • Conduct awareness meetings by self-help group members
  • Celebrating International Women’s Day
  • Conduct awareness meetings with students, teachers and marginalized people of the      school on disability
  • Conduct awareness meetings with Citizen Forum members
  • Conduct awareness meetings with self-help members
  • Social security fences for persons with disabilities in Sadhanpur and Khankhanabad Unions
  • Apex body Formation
  • Workshop on Apex Body Formation and Management Policy
  • Conducting meetings of the Union Standing Committee
  • Conducting meetings of the Union Disaster Committee
  • The union conducts open ward meetings
  • Conduct Union Budget Review Meeting
  • Conduct citizen dialogue meeting in Union Parishad
  • Organizing tax fair in Union Parishad
  • The quality of service to the community clinic has increased as a result of making the  community clinic a community scorecard
  • Celebrate Hearing and Ear Care Day
  • Distribution of relief materials among persons with disabilities.
  • Disability-friendly disaster risk reduction skills enhancement training for Union Disaster Management Committee.
  • Celebrating International Disaster Mitigation Day
  • Disability Friendly Disaster Risk Reduction Orientation for CPP Volunteers
  • Provide IGA
  • “Cyclone Disability Preparedness Exercise”
  • CDD and CBM Australia representatives report on site visits

Notable activities under the project:

Infrastructural development: In addition to the installation of sloping stairs in the project area Sadhanpur Union Parishad, disability friendly toilets have been installed.

Establishment of ramps: Ramps have been set up at community clinics in Raichhata, Kadmarsul, Kalagazi in the working area.

Provision of IGA services: Interest free cash assistance is being provided to persons with disabilities in the project area. As a result of receiving this service, persons with disabilities have been able to make positive changes in their status and position. Under the project, the borrowers have so far provided services to a total of 101 persons with disabilities and their family members in small scale, small business, fish farming, nets and boat making, sale and purchase of old nets, sale of bananas, cattle and goat rearing, sewing, electronics. Involved in business. Is covered. Total Capital Rs. 6,80,000 / – At the end of disbursement, the total revolving fund so far is: Rs.

Mock Drills: Mock drills on cyclone preparedness are organized to raise awareness on disability friendly disasters at all levels. Its main purpose is to prepare for disasters through hands-on practice, as well as to show people with disabilities what steps to take during a disaster. The mock drill was held with the participation of local CPP members, volunteers, fire service members, union council members and people from all walks of life in the area.

Provision of Therapy Centers and Ambulance Services: Under the project, in order to provide health services to persons with disabilities, therapy centers are run as well as ambulance services are provided for the convenience of pregnant mothers and persons with disabilities.

Organizing yard meetings: Awareness yard meetings are conducted on various issues for the participation of persons with disabilities in various services provided by the government and implementation of the Rights and Protection of Persons with Disabilities Act. Along with all these issues, disaster preparedness was discussed in all these backyard meetings.

Union level activities:

A) Activation of Union Disaster Management Committee

B) Organizing citizen dialogue programs

C) Organizing “tax fairs” to increase civic services

D) Regularity of meeting of Union Standing Committee is one of them

  Assistance from the Project during COVID-19 Pandemic:

During the COVID-19 Pandemic Period, ECBID-B project has been providing various assistance among the targeted beneficiaries. About Tk.3,60,000/- cash has been distributed.  Lots of Mask, sanitizer and Food aid have also been provided among the targeted beneficiaries. Leaflets and posters have been distributed from the project to create awareness. Hand Wash, Blessing powder, spray machine, mask, gloves, savlon, soap, bucket, mug, disinfectant medicine have been distributed among the community clinic, primary health care center & Union perished.